The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Getting Her Own Series Finally

     In a completely predictable occurrence, Gwenpool's immense popularity has led to her getting her own ongoing comic series.  Beginning as essentially a joke cover for Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars issue 2- combining Gwen Stacy with famed Merc-with-a-mouth Deadpool into the wonderful creation dubbed Gwenpool, she has since gotten turned into both a 3 page back-up story in Howard the Duck 1 and then she received her own one shot issue titled Gwenpool Christmas Special.

     The series will be continued by the same team that was responsible for the Christmas Special- consisting of writer Christopher Hastings with art by Gurihiru.

     In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hastings gives us some insight into what we can expect from this upcoming series:
Can you tease a little about what we’ll see from her series, now that you have the freedom to really play around in the world? What can fans expect to see from this character they’ve grown to love? 
Her whole deal is, she’s from the world that she claims to be — some sort of “real world” — and knows of the Marvel universe as a fictional one. So the series is a lot about her believing she’s in a fictional world with no consequences. She’s seen everyone come back to life at some point, and it sort of seems like she’s living in a video game. And then the book is going to be the universe fighting back at that. Like, “you can’t really get away with everything” is kind of the struggle there. It’s also sort of, she just assumes, “I’m obviously a main character so I need to be a superhero” even though she has no powers. 
Okay, let’s put the pressure on: from a creator’s perspective, what do you want fans to know about this series? 
I think it’s just so much fun, and we are telling an interesting story here. We’re not just making up a reason to buy comics based on a popular cosplay character. There’s so much to explore with this new character and all of her weird little quirks and things like that and I really had to make some very hard decisions in what we could tell in those very short little 10-page comics. It was super fun exercise in trying to make something entertaining in a short little period of space. I’m really excited to have the space here to really let it breathe a little bit. 
     Gwenpool is set to begin in April 2016.

          Hopefully not as an elaborate April Fool's Day joke.

     Source [ Entertainment Weekly ]

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