Spaceballs 2: The Farce Awakens: Considered by Yogurt Himself (Mel Brooks)

     Following hot on the tails of The Force Awakens being released Mel Brooks has officially stated that a sequel to his cult-classic 1987 spoof of Star Wars, Spaceballs, might be in the works...

     ...sort of...  

                   ...all right, it was almost a year ago.

     Back in January Brooks told Adam Corolla on the "Take a Knee" podcast that there were some ideas floating around for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, that in itself being a joke from the original film.
     This is by no means a confirmation, but simply a re-consideration of an interview he had early in 2015.  I spotted an article over at the Escapist Magazine from earlier today that the writer might not have known this was from nearly a year ago, but still- it makes me wonder if Brooks is still thinking about this.

     A lot of the original cast has either died (John Candy, Dom DeLuise, Joan Rivers) or left acting as Rick Moranis had, but there's still a chance.  If Brooks finds a way to pull out a can of Liquid Schwartz and hope that Moranis returns and they can convince Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga to return, there could be a whole new generation of Spaceballs.  Even the original writer had some ideas for a sequel, as Brooks told Parade in 2014, "Tom [Meehan], who wrote it with me, has great ideas and I would love to do Spaceballs 2."

     For now we can only cross our Schwartzes and hope Brooks mentions some news about this in the near future.

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