Batman v Superman: Gotham's Sneak Peak

     Warner Bros. have officially released the teaser for the next Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer tonight as a special bonus for watchers of Gotham.  The full trailer will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wed. December 2nd.

     There's an unmasking, an angry Superman, and a whole lot of intensity.  Superman is looking extremely unhappy, like he's under some kind of control, especially with the soldiers bowing to him.  Perhaps this is taken from the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns run, where Superman is essentially a government lackey- though here, he might be doing it out of debt for all the destruction his Kryptonian slug-fest caused in Man of Steel.

     Regardless, each trailer is giving us a little more good material and helping relieve our fears that this'll end up as less than spectacular.  My hopes remain strong that this will still be good.  Probably not Nolan level quality (story wise), but it'll still be the Snyder special- cinematically amazing shots and action.

     Batman v Superman hits theaters March 25th, 2016.

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