A Possible Deus Ex GO: After Hitman GO & Lara Croft GO it Would Make Sense

     After Square-Enix Montreal's amazing Hitman GO and its thematic successor Lara Croft GO, I'd been wondering if they'd be working on a new game in the GO series.  It makes sense to continue with the main companies properties with the stylized and distilled down versions.
     I previously mentioned my thoughts that they may have snuck a teaser for a potential future game into Lara Croft GO, with the inclusion of the Deus Ex suit, and now here's an additional hopeful thought to follow it.  Mind, you this is still purely speculation, but...
     ...Yesterday I posted this tweet, and the official Square-Enix Montreal favorited it.

     Of course, I would never consider this a confirmation in any way, shape, or form- to me it's just a small hope that they may be secretly working on a Deus Ex Go game.  With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided set to release in February of 2016, there is a very tiny chance that a tie-in to that universe could be translated quite nicely to a stealth/puzzle game in the wonderfully minimalistic GO format.  We don't really know what might be on the way down the pipeline for Square-Enix Montreal's next project, so I'm crossing my fingers that another brilliant and clever GO game does come along with this particular world as its focus.

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