Batman: Arkham Knight: MASSIVE November Update Trailer

     Today another good bunch of DLC for the Arkham Knight game with a new update.  We get playable Catwoman and Nightwing missions and a slew of other goodies including (for the season pass holders at least) the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice costume and Batmobile skin.

     Catwoman's Revenge is set after the main storyline and has the player seeking revenge upon the Riddler for his actions through the main quest line.  A Flip of the Coin is about Robin attempting to thwart Two-Face's money laundering schemes.  Each episode also includes AR challenges to expand the gameplay.

     Additional DLC available today:
• Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #4: Get this Crime Fighter Challenge Pack to receive various challenge and predator maps featuring Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman and Azrael. This expansive challenge pack allows focused training in FreeFlow Combat and Invisible Predator stealth incursion. 
• WayneTech Track Pack: Test your skills behind the wheel with these two cutting edge WayneTech themed racetracks. 
• Robin and Batmobile Skins Packs: Get this Robin and Batmobile skins pack to don the Original Tim Drake Robin costume and speed through Gotham City with the Robin Themed Batmobile Skin. 
• Riddler Themed Batmobile Skin: Puzzle your enemies with this Riddler themed Batmobile skin. 
• Free Updates: • Character Selection in AR Invisible Predator Challenges. • GCPD Lockdown 2 AR Challenge Rooms

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