Marvel Heroes 2015: Magik Playable Character Trailer!

     As the only MMO game I play religiously I actually surprised myself that I've never posted anything on the game here.  That fact changes today with IGN releasing the official trailer for the 53rd playable character in the absolutely amazing free-to-play Marvel Heroes 2015- Magik, the sister of famous X-men member Colossus.

     This is the only game I make a purposeful effort to log in and play for at least a half hour a day, and would recommend it to pretty much anyone that plays computer games.  The sheer number of playable characters is staggering, and to top that off, many of them have a slew of additional costumes you can purchase and use.

     To play the game* [ Marvel Heroes 2015 ]

          *Note: The game will be rebranded Marvel Heroes 2016 soon for the coming year.

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