Terminator Genisys: TV Spot "Help" and Some Thoughts

     It's been a few months since the last full trailer, and this new spot has a lot of new footage to keep us wanting more.  My initial reservations about the film are still in place.  It has a good cast, good action, but will the story hold up?  Will Terminator Genisys fall prey to the all action, no brain as the last couple of Terminator films, and much of Hollywood in general, have been?  The series needs to recapture that dark magic it held with the first and second films.

     The title still bothers me.  "Genisys."  Maybe it's a company name like Skynet, or a possibly a program- but even so what's with the ridiculous spelling?

     Terminator Genisys is set to be released on July 1st.

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