Harrison Ford Walks Away From Another Plane Crash!

"It appeared he was flying...               ...Solo."
     Proving once again that he is the ultimate rebel, and as badass as his iconic roles as Han Solo and Indianna Jones, the 72 year old Harrison Ford crashed a plane in front of the 8th green on Penmar Golf course, scoring might turn out to be an aeronautical bogie.
    Being a bit more serious, hopefully things turn out a all right for him.

     According to NBC News:
     "The actor, who was conscious and breathing when rescue crews reached him, was stabilized and taken to a hospital, where he was in fair to moderate condition, authorities said. Sources said he sustained cuts to his head. There was no word on other injuries or what caused the plane to crash about 2:20 p.m. (5:20 p.m. ET). It appeared he was flying solo." 

     Source [ NBC ]

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