Cards Against Originality: A Great Cards Against Humanity App

     While there have already been a few less than amazing digitized versions of the famed Cards Against Humanity game, this one seems to be the closest to the real thing.  And it has the benefit of being free, with no sneaky sales pitches or microtransactions.  So we can now play it on our phones/tablets/desktops, and it'll even keep tabs on your stats.
     Cards Against Originality contains all the cards of the main set plus all 5 expansions, without the 10 pounds weighing you down.

My first hand.  I think its got a couple goodies in there.
     The only downside to the app is you have to be in the same room with the other players.  Not sure how that works, but it's worth a try, and I've read that there's potentially ways of playing it over communication programs like Skype- so if you have some time- load this up and give it a go.  Click New Game and send the Link it gives you to friends to begin in your match.

     App [ Cards Against Originality ]

     Original Version [ Cards Against Humanity ]

     Source [ Gamespot ]

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