Gal Gadot: This is the "Wonder Woman" Physique? For Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

     It's been said that Gal Gadot has already finished her role in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, and this picture is from a series that shows off her "Wonder Woman Physique."  I'm still disappointed.  Sure she looks slightly larger than her Fast & Furious role, but only barely.

     Where's the muscle that traditional fighters and warriors had.  Hard earned strength that is the reward of long hours of practicing the martial arts- I use martial as in Mars, arts of war and combat, not in the kung fu sense.
     Seriously, I've written at great length about this issue already [ here ] and I think  we need a thicker actress, or even for Gadot to really add some pounds.  I mean even with super human strength, Superman has been given the muscular figure, as well as [ Batman ] and [ Aquaman ] from the pics already shown.  So why does Gadot still look like a frail waif?  I previously argued that it'd be like hiring Mackenzie Crook as Batman, and it would never work because he's too damn scrawney to fit the image.
     It just doesn't fit right with the image of Snyder's realistic and gritty DC Universe to have all the men bulky and strong and then have a twig of a woman be the representation of power through Wonder Woman.  The wonderful artist "Nebezial," who recently took over art on the GREAT comic series Rat Queens, has done a bunch of Wonder Woman pieces that have an awesome commentary to them as well as one of the few depictions of WW I really like. (See the pic below)

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     Source [ Comic Book Movie ]

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