Knight Models' Batman Miniatures Tournament (Roseville, MN)

     I've been recently playing this new Batman Miniatures game with a friend of mine, and we are lucky enough to be near an official tournament.

Official Knight Models Batman Miniature Game Tournament 
     (Organised by Adam Russell Reeves)

The game play will be the standard 350 points and ($1500 in game).

Date & Time: May 24th from 11am - 6pm

     Fantasy Flight Games
     1995 County Road B2 W
     Roseville, MN 55113

For more info email:  Batman.tournament@gmail.com

     Due to work and internship reasons I can only appear for the last half of it- so I'll be playing a short game with whoever I can, and not as part of the tournament itself.  This is a very fun game, and I will try to get plenty more matches in over the next couple months to be good enough to play with a group.
     Initially I was planning to play as the League of Shadows, but I can't seem to find any of the Ra's al Ghul 4 packs, so I went with the Joker crew, Elite Clowns, The Riddler, and my personal favorite Mr. Freeze.  Not the best team, but it makes for some interesting play.

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