Lego Jurassic World: First Full Trailer

     In addition to the less-than-great other Lego video game (The Hobbit) news today, at least we get a full trailer for the Lego Jurassic World game.  Despite my disappointment at the Lego Hobbit news, this Lego Jurassic World trailer still has got me almost as excited as I was to see Jurassic Park when I was 13.

     They've relied heavily on scenes from the first film, Jurassic Park, here instead of including ties to the upcoming Jurassic World.  But, then again, maybe they'll start bringing in some recognizable pieces of that film the closer to release it gets to avoid potential spoilers, as that movie will be a full quarter of the game.  The first 3 films will comprise the rest- Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3.
     It's also been let out that players get to play as humans, dinosaurs, and hilariously Mr. DNA.  Which serves as a segue into the building feature- allowing for customization of dinosaur DNA for making new dinosaurs out of pre-existing parts- they've added a build-a-dino to the game!
     Traveller's Tales Games looks to have brought their brick-based touch from the prehistoric era right into the park.

     Lego Jurassic World is set to release in June for:
           PS3, PS4, Ps Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, and the 3DS.

     Source [ IGN ]

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