Terminator Genisys: Full Trailer and Thoughts

     A day after the initial Terminator Genisys teaser to the full trailer, the whole one arrives.  After my comments yesterday about being somewhat hopeful, I must say I'm pretty impressed so far.

     There could still be plenty of issues with the movie, as it looks like they've somehow altered the timelines to create a reboot.  The result is an old T-800 protecting Sarah Conner long before the one in 1984 arrives to kill her.  A genuine curiosity has fallen on me as to how they'll pull this off.  WIll John send Kyle Reese back, then send a T-800 further?  Will Sarah think to have her protector send the newer arrival back after defeating it?  That would also make me wonder when time travel is created in this universe.
     That being the case, how is it that Skynet ALWAYS comes to power?  It appears that some things are always destined to happen.

     My impressions after watching the full trailer are that the film stands a pretty good chance of being the true return of Terminator to blockbuster status.  It's awesome to see Sarah Conner be a badass, and Arnold looks good in both old and young forms.  The cast overall is pretty decent.  I'm pretty excited to see Byung-hun Lee as a new T-1000.  He was great in The Good, The Bad, and The Weird, and did a decent job of playing Storm Shadow in those abysmal G.I. Joe movies.

     Now the things that are a little irritating.  I'm bothered by some of the extremely absurd and over-the-top stunts, particularly the bus flipping, these things don't have to occur in every damn new Hollywood film.  You know why Terminator and T2: Judgement Day worked so well?  They kept it mostly small.  Tight stories in small areas.  The cast was small, the effects were fairly practical, and they didn't involve the entire world in the world-changing events.  The biggest, in the "now" times of the movies, shoot-out in the first two movies was the Cyberdyne showdown.  That wasn't even a large scale war- it was a small military group.

     Regardless, I'll be seeing this in hopes it'll be awesome.  I can only hope that it'll rejuvenate the series after the last couple films' ending up being flubs.

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