Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon Game Review (Android)

I finally get to play as Quasar! (Lower right)

     After a couple months of being out, I have returned to this game because they've had multiple updates to expand the roster of playable characters and fix some bothersome bugs.  So now Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon has finally added the character I originally wanted to play as - Quasar (also known as Captain Marvel, Phyla-Vell, and Martyr)- I am once again invested in playing.

     Honestly, with all the doomed movie tie-ins I'm fairly surprised that this one isn't too bad.  It is essentially a tap-based action game with some light RPG elements.  Thankfully there are no IAPs hindering the way to enjoyment either.
 What Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon has going for it is a slew of characters and a fairly decent story.  There really isn't any need to know the history of the comics, or a need to have seen the film, as they've woven all the backstory you would need right into the game.  It starts with a couple limited characters in a prison break and ramps up to saving the galaxy.

Interesting that they added the newly Marvel character Angela, formerly from Image comics.
     Along the way through the Battle Mode (the story campaign) you can collect in game currency in the form of coins and shards for unlocking characters.  The items you can buy with coins increase various damage and defense stats.  Really simple stuff.  There are only so many characters you can us in the story mode, but everyone purchased with shards is accessible (after unlocking) to use in the second game mode: The Arena.  A combat arena of wave after wave of enemies.  So it is standard horde mode stuff.  But it is also a really nice time waster, as difficulty is gradually increasing while you level your characters up.

     Combat is simple, drag from character to enemy or tap to initiate attacks.  SPecial moves and combos can also be done through quick taps on characters and icons then onto an enemy.  Nothing as smooth as a true beat-'em-up, but entertaining no less.  The only issue I've found is when characters get bunched up there is a problem tapping the individual you want.  Often times you'll have to waste valuable battle seconds in a pinch to move someone out of the way to get the person you wanted in the first place.
     In addition there are a lot of small challenges to complete for bonuses.  Like surviving a number of waves with Gamora, or defeating so many guards with Drax, and heal so many points with Groot.  Very small little things to keep an eye out for during the 2 modes of play.

     During this you'll also be gathering ISO-8 to slowly add stats through play.  Like the equipment to boost damage and defense, ISO-8 does similar things with crystals, just on a much slower and smaller scale.  Nothing huge or game changing, but by the end of the game's tale, you'll likely be far under-powered for the last battle's onslaught.  This is the one place I felt the game failed miserably.
     The last battle is hundreds of times harder than any other level in the game- it would be safe to say it is more difficult than all the other levels combined.  For some reason if you don't have Mantis (best healer) and someone that can immediately drop a shield at the beginning of the match at least one of your characters will die within 2 seconds.  I am not joking about this, I played the level roughly 40 times.  Tried recombining crystals and creating much more powerful larger ones, and I still got crushed.  Over and over.  With numerous power ups that take forever to put together for defense- and I was still being obliterated in seconds.  
     In the end I lucked out with the team of fully leveled Star Lord, Mantis, Rocket, and Beta Ray Bill I managed to pull through with 3 of the 4 still standing.  A very frustrating battle more suggestive of a need to do weeks of grinding rather than the casual style the rest of the game led me to believe it would be.

     Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon is a lot of fun and very worth the $4.99 price tag.  It is a little repetitive, but has enough variety to keep players engaged.  The fact I keep going back to it should be telling enough.

     I see it is at a discounted price currently:
     iTunes has it at $2.99, Windows for $1.99 (until Jan 1, 2015), and I can't see the Google Play price because I bought it already.

     And if you'd like to see my review of the [ Guardians of the Galaxy ] film.

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