Guardians of the Galaxy: Short Review: "If we had a blacklight..."

     Coming out of this film I was quite excited for more.  I knew it would be a great film, and it may be my favorite Marvel movie to date. That isn't to say it's the best film, but it's at least the most entertaining. It's loaded with 1980's flavor. There's action, there's adventure, and there's some seriously hilarious dick jokes.

     What makes this the most entertaining Marvel movie is the fact they seem to let loose a little on the film itself.  Most other Marvel films try to put little jokes and things in to keep it from being too serious, but Guardians revels in the freedom. It completely embraces the mismatched rag-tag group incidentally thrown together to save the entire galaxy from the threat of annihilation.  Peter "Star Lord" Quill's Awesome Mix tape in the film is a symbol for the entire movie. It draws upon all the greatest 80's Sci Fi films and creates something wonderful with it.

     Somehow it manages to be every bit as cliched as possible while continuously surprising and shamelessly bringing the laughs. This film isn't about story, it's very formulaic, Guardians of the Galaxy is about fun, and the best praise I can give it can be summed up with the three most versatile words in the movie-

     "I am Groot." 

     Take that how you will.

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