FEZ 2: Never Going to Happen," BECAUSE... "You Don't Deserve it."

     FEZ Developer Phil Fish is producing some highly inflammatory remarks again.  This time he's actually posted one of my favorites and it's directly concerning the sequel to the game that gained him both loads of money and notoriety:
     This is actually sad for many reasons- first, I just finished playing the brilliantly created FEZ since it was free on the Playstation Network (it is a tremendous game) and secondly, it's comments like these that will prevent him from any future work.  He's alienating gamers by callously attacking the people that got him where he is.  A very unfortunate circumstance indeed.

     There's levels of professionalism and things like this only serve to "feed the trolls."  So he's kind of burning bridges to any new fans that might be made.  Even with the following Tweet- a gamer asks with genuine sincerity and Fish's response is exactly what's become quite typical to his character:
     Sure, we may not deserve a sequel, but there are better ways of saying it.  But then, does he deserve the money from all the people that supported him?  The gaming market goes both ways.

     What makes this extra terrible is Fish does post some informative and insightful things, such as this Tweet about the #Ferguson situation and how we need to demilitarize the police and start with real life accountability- too bad he isn't taking it to heart for himself:

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