Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Last Hope Trailer (Tiny Tina's Mother and Claptrap's Action Skill)

     With the soon to be released Borderlands: The Pre-sequel we get a brand new trailer and some nice ideas of what Claptrap's skill might be.  It looks to be just as ridiculous as he is, involving a pirate like ship version of himself and possibly a disco ball as well.

    Also- at 1:23, could this be Tiny Tina's Mom???

Nice Space-Skag count on her arm!  (Coule this be Tiny Tina's Mother?)


  1. Considering she is lesbian, she ain't Tina's mother. Plus Tina's mother lives on Pandora around this time.

  2. Yeah, playing this over the last week I found that out. I just haven't gotten to update the blog or do a review. I'm in the last area and should be able to post a review this weekend.
    Good call about the being on Pandora, but since Tina had a history with Roland and Jack, I was thinking there could've been a connection during this period, because I was unsure how much time would elapse between 1 and 2 during the Pre-Sequel.
    Thank you for commenting as well!