The Legend of Korra (Platinum Games) Release Date and New Pro-Bending Mode

     Hot on the tails of The Legend of Korra's Book 3 TV show finale, we get some new information for Activision and Platinum Games' game-of-the-same-name including a new mode, release date, and a bit of potential for future Korra games.

Are you ready for some Pro-BENDIIIIIINNNGGG!?!?!?!
     The newly announced Pro-Bending Mode allows players to compete in 3 versus 3 matches of the game from the show.  It will be a mode that unlocks after completing the main game for the first time.  You'll get to play as Korra (Water), Mako (Fire), and Bolin (Earth).  They'll even including the tie-breakers and Face Off's on the small raised platforms that will heighten the importance of countering opponents moves.
     It doesn't appear to be a ton, but an extra mini-game of sorts, and that's all right by me.  Pro-Bending mode will add just a little bit more to keep me interested in the game after I've beaten the main game.

     In addition to that, during the IGN with Activision's Robert Conkey, he states that they love Korra when asked about the future of the game series, but they are currently focused on making this the best possible game they can make it.
     Sadly, there is no mention of the Nintendo 3DS Korra strategy game from previous articles.

     The Legend of Korra is set to be released on Oct. 21 for Playstation Network and PC, then on the following day (Oct. 22) on the Xbox Marketplace.

     Source [ IGN ]

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