Escape Dead Island: New Unraveled Trailer and Release Date

     Deep Silver's upcoming game, Escape Dead Island, has gotten a nice new trailer and a release date.  We get a wonderfully new distinct and vibrant color palette filled with oceans of blood spraying everywhere.

     Escape Dead Island serves as a bridge between the two previous games, telling the tale of Cliff Calo- who winds up stranded on the island after being disowned and heading out to shoot a documentary but ends up crashing his boat on the island.  He sets out to unravel the mystery of the infection and document the things going on.  What sets this apart from the other games is manifold- in looks, and in gameplay- the creators have altered the way things are experienced.

     Right off the bat- Escape has a new look.  A bright and colorful cell-shaded world.  The third person play (a departure from the first-person perspective of the first two games) and the new art style have really caught my eye.  They've even added a stealth element to the game- allowing you to sneak up and silently kill zombies- as Cliff isn't immune to the infection sweeping the island.  That may account for the strange cerebral hallucination-like episodes from the trailers.

     One other thing that really caught my attention was the fact inventory items don't degrade.  They'll stay in your inventory.  It always bothered me that cracking a few skulls with a crowbar would cause it to break in the earlier games.  I could hammer away with a real crowbar on concrete and steel and it wouldn't have that effect, let alone on some much-softer zombie skulls.  This addition will work like old adventure games where each new item will unlock a potential new explorable area on the island.

     Escape Dead Island will be available on Nov. 18th for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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