Expendables 3: Teaser Trailer and Where Are All the Women?

     As a child of the 80's I have a grand appreciation for ludicrous action flicks.  The Expendables movies are pretty much a giant treat, made just for us 80's kids, loaded with all the one-liners and absurd action sequences you can smash into a film without pulling a Michael Bay explosion fest.

     With this teaser, we get one hell of a line-up of actors, but my only real question is: where are all the LADIES of the 80's action movies?
     We need some Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, and Brigitte Nielsen?  We need some hard hitting leading ladies- a women based team, or at least give them their own damn movie!  I posted about this with Expendables 2, and the film makers still haven't capitalized on this?
     Unless...   This entire team gets stuck and an all women team get to come in and save their Expendable asses.  Doubtful, true- but I can hope.

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