Borderlands 2 How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day Review

     Gearbox's newest Borderlands 2 DLC add-on Headhunter Pack: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day has been released just in time for us to squeeze in it's appropriately Holiday themed enjoyment right before Christmas.
     For the cost of a mere $2.99 we get to visit a magical town called Gingerton through Marcus' Shop's wardrobe a la Narnia.  The town is being plagued by a giant Frosty-like Mister Tinder Snowflake.  The town has been frozen and his weapons shipment has been stolen, only to be GIVEN AWAY in the spirit of Mercenary Day?!?  How un-Marcus is that?

     Well, our favorite grumpy-grinch and generally Scrooge-like Marcus sends us Vault Hunters in to remedy the situation.  Along the short jaunt we get hordes of snowmen, Yeti-bullymongs, a carol-singing bandit, presents full of "toy" robots courtesy of Hyperion, a magical top hat...  and a Tiny Tim analog complete with Cockney accent!

     Once again we get a very, very small amount of seasonal content with the singular incentive of retrieving new heads-and-skins loot for characters.  Although the other loot at the end of the train is quite good, especially when you consider how short the DLC is- it took me about 30 minutes with my anti-snowmen fire-weapon loaded Krieg.

     And yet, despite the extreme brevity of this DLC, I still enjoyed the trip back to Pandora, I just wish it was longer.  Also- whoever is doing the music in these Headhunter Packs needs a raise- it is very catchy.

     Really, I do hope they make more of these, as was hinted on the Official 2K blog:
     "And finally, be sure to stay tuned early next year as we’ll have more Headhunter goodness to talk about!"
     It definitely sounds like there will be more Headhunter packs on the way?  Perhaps a Moxxi's Valentine's Day, a St. Patrick's Day party at Mick Zaford's The Holy Spirit's Bar, or maybe a Claptrap's April Fool's Day?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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