Arkham Origins Blackgate: Gamebreaking Bug Has Been Patched! (PS Vita)

     When Arkham Origins Blackgate came out for the Playstation Vita I happened to find a very frustrating gamebreaking bug that thwarted movement in the game and locked me in a room in the Industrial section.  I sent inquiries and emailed WB games support and contacted Armature Studios on Twitter.

You can't save a non-existent hostage.

     After a little over a month of patience I received this Tweet a short while ago, and am currently loading the game to find out if it is working and those of us that were stuck can finish the game.
     I have loaded the game, updated with the patch and tested it- it is indeed fixed and we may finish the game!  Thank you Armature Studios and WB games, and all those that helped get the game made and patched.  It is VERY much appreciated.

     The patch remedies the other big problems as well- including the Penguin elevator issue, an unsaveable Warden, and being stuck in Black Mask's room.

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