Batman Arkham Teaser: Save the Date: DLC or Sequel Announcement New Years Eve

     The Official Facebook Page for Batman Arkham has posted a cryptic image recently, and I am very curious as to what they are hinting at.

     While I would like to hope for the official announcment of the Arkham City sequel everyone already knows Rocksteady is working on, and more than likely for the next gen systems, but it'll probably be the story expanding narrative focused DLC we were promised with the Arkham Origins Season Pass ("All New Story").  If it were to somehow be for the next Rocksteady Arkham game, I believe it would coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Batman in 2014.
     Although, from the post credits scene from Origins, I would guess a Suicide Squad type DLC.

     Either way, I'm looking forward to what it will be.

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