Alien: Isolation: Leaked Screenshots and More Thoughts

     As a fan of the Alien series I was not only shocked upon hearing that another Aliens game was on the way, but just a little bit excited.  My interest waned a bit when I then read it was to focus on Amanda Ripley, daughter of legendary Alien icon Ellen Ripley.  Can't we just let that family be?  Haven't the Ripleys suffered through enough xenomorphic horror?
     My worries are more to due with the coincidental occurrence of Ripley's daughter coming across something so similar.  Sure, the Weyland-Yutani Co. is not the most truthful of organizations to get one's information from, but why would they lie to Ripley?  If they lied to her daughter, which resulted in her death, it would actually make quite a cycle.  Ripley "dies" in the Nostromo explosion while attempting to obtain xenomorph specimen, W-Y agrees to let her daughter investigate with hopes of finding new specimen, she dies, then original Ripley is found and sent in with no friends or family to, once again, attempt to inadvertently retrieve a specimen.
     So we could hypothesize that Amanda joined a crew that went in search of the lost USS Nostromo, and wound up in a situation like her mother.  I mean Prometheus showed us that there were definitely more ships than the singular encounter on LV-426, so it isn't impossible.  She would be following some very dangerous footsteps.

     Anyway- my hopes have once again been restored by seeing the 4 "leaked" screenshots.  This looks to be heavily inspired by the first Ridley Scott film and that holds a fair amount of weight.  Development studio Creative Assembly has me so far with Isolation.  But then again, Aliens: Colonial Marines looked really great until you had the actual game...
     If they can make this FPS stealth-horror (and survival?) work, they'll have me as a fan for a long while.  It seems to be a tough genre to make work, even without using an IP that is so beloved.

     Source [ Kotaku ]

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