Batman: Arkham Origins: New Years Eve Teaser 2: Story DLC

     After last week's Batman Arkham Origins teaser, teasing a New Years Eve announcement, we get a follow up teaser image.  Once again teasing something coming soon.  Wb is being quite coy with this, as we know we'll be getting story focused DLC like Arkham City's expansion Harley Quinn's Revenge.  Which acted as a sort of prologue to the main campaign.

     So far all we know is that it appears (the invitation to Wayne Manor) to take place in the mansion.  That would explain the oddly placed and inaccessible elevator to the mansion currently plaguing my thoughts in the Batcave.  Maybe we'll get some more Alfred, more playtime as Bruce Wayne, or something entirely different.
     We won't truly know until WB releases an official statement- it could even be... ugh... more challenge maps.  I'm sick of challenge maps.

     Although... with this teaser invite- this might be a long shot- but could we be getting an early view of my personal favorite Bat-villain Mr. Freeze?  In the old Batman: The Animated Series episode Heart of Ice GothCorp CEO Ferris Boyle is set to receive a Humanitarian Award.  But, as he essentially murdered Nora Fries and caused Victor Fries to become Mr. Freeze, after stealing Fries' cryogenic technology, Boyle becomes a target of Freeze's.

     This was the episode that cemented Mr. Freeze as the great tragic figure in Batman's rogues gallery.  (Thank you Paul Dini!)
     If this is what is slated, I will be unbelievably joyed.  But it seems highly doubtful, and mere hopeful speculation.

     Source [ Arkham Origins Facebook ]

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