Old Sketchbook Pages: Project Homage: "The Kidd"

     I went looking through a bunch of old stuff earlier today in search of a specific item had sketched a looooooooooooong time ago and ended up finding a bunch of notebooks and sketchbooks from 1998-2001.  In fact, it contained a mass of notes for one of my dream projects- which would be to remake a cartoon series from my childhood that I am rather fond of for the modern comic times.

     Since that would probably never happen, I had decided to start a project to make my own homage to it, and quite a few other series' into one shared universe set of stories all of my own.  Thus "Project Homage" was born.  Granted, a ton of life got in the way and these were set aside.  Now that I found them I am quite interested in revamping my notes into finished sci-fi and fantasy tales, possibly illustrated ones or comic books if I can find a bit of extra time.

     This is one of my favorite personally designed characters to this day.  Outside of two others I made for this project, being called- 1) The Dammu-Yoggua and 2) The Sword of the Nine Tribes.  There is a chance I'll post those pics in a few weeks.  But for now I'm just doing small pieces on the few sketches I found tonight- and I'll dig out the rest another time.

     Anyhow, this character is of an alien race that I can only describe as "living flutes."  Their entire communication is through complex musical systems of notes.

     The skulls would, I figure it, work like a combination of a flute and a lambeosaurine (a hollow-crested hadrosaur).  Air would be forced through complex tubing, and the muscles around the holes on the elongated head to make all the various notes by contracting and closing off pathways- like fingers on a flute.  I figure there would also be other airways for breathing so they could both "sing" and breath at the same time.

     Due to the character being from part of Project Homage, people might be able to guess what show I wanted to update and make it into a hard sci-fi series.  Which is why it looks to be in a containment suit of sorts- to mask it's natural appearance from most humans, which would not know of these odd creatures.  Since they would be much smaller than humans, an exoskeleton and a lot of internal equipment would allow it to be on the team with only a couple people actually knowing what it was.

  I'm actually really glad I saved these old sketches and notes, because I've got tons of better ideas to use these for in my own stories now.

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