Marvel Future Fight: Gwenpool & The New Avengers Have Arrived!

     Marvel Future Fight recently got another huge update (full details here) and, one again it is amazing.  I've said it over and over again, this game is consistently getting better than it was, and it's already a better game than 90% of games out there for mobile devices.  That isn't to say it is not without problems, because there are definitely a few- such as the huge Timeline Battle imbalances- but really, it's a small problem considering how exactly much content the game provides overall.

     This new update brings us a total of 6 new characters and 2 new costumes.  First there's the undeniably fun Gwenpool, then we get The New Avengers- comprised of White Tiger, Wiccan, Hulkling, Songbird, and Squirrel Girl!  The new costumes are one for Wasp, and a classic for Nebula.  I really like the new selection of characters, they are well designed and fun to play.  Particularly Gwenpool because of her silly skipping walk animation.

     On top of this we get 5 new Special Missions.  The previous Special Missions for Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy have been moved to Dimension Rifts, which are now searchable instead of relying on finding them randomly- making getting ones you want infinitely easier to get into.  I got sick of finding the same one over and over.

     This update on the whole is amazing.  It adds a great cast of extra characters, new levels and enemies, and a bunch of other little niceties.  I've been having a blast with most the new characters, and the added levels have given us a very welcome change for scenery and story elements.  Future Fight, well, developer Netmarble, has again outdone themselves.

     I did notice one oddity, and I don't know if it's a bug or not, but I've only had a single person show up continuously as an ally shifter (which is happening far more frequently since the update) and it's Gwenpool.  I don't mind the issue, because I did buy the 20 biometrics for 30 days pack to get her, and this just makes leveling her up a little quicker.  Seriously, I've had her show up at least 12 times back to back.  Finally, problem working in the player's favor!

     Plus, I know many of us are still awaiting the arrival of the leaked-a-year-ago Doctor Strange (and he's already teased by Netmarble in a previous video).  It makes sense that they'd be saving him for closer to the film's release though, so we should be seeing him around late October or early November.

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