Dark Souls 3: DLC Ashes of Ariandel Arrives on October 25th!

     It looks like the Dark Souls 3 DLC announcemenet came a bit early overseas as well as a nice little leaked tweet.  Bandai-Namco will be releasing the first DLC pack to PS4 on October 25th!  Playstation accidentally leaked a tweet a day early.  The trailer and tweet have since been removed, and will presumably be back tomorrow when it was slated to be officially announced.

This pic is just Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
   Of course we'll be getting the standard of some new weapons, spells, and armor, as well as a new snow themed area, and a PvP-exclusive map going by the name of the "Immortal Competition."

     I'll update with more about this and my thoughts on it when the official trailer and announcement land sometime tomorrow.

     Sources [ PC Invasion ] & [ Esuteru Blog ] via [ Silicon Era ] via [ GameInformer ]

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