Rime: Coming in 2017 and Possibly to More Than Just Playstation 4

     Back in 2013 a game was announced and a year later at the 2014 GamesCom Press Conference a trailer for Tequila Works' game Rime was released.  It looked to be a wonderful Ico-esque 3rd person puzzle-platforming Playstation 4 exclusive.  Then more recently there was some developmental upheaval that led to Tequila Works and Sony parting ways.

     Now we get some good news, Rime is still set to arrive some time in 2017 with some help from small game publishers Six Foot and Grey Box will help publish it and it might end up coming to more than PS4.
     As Tequila Works' press release states:
"Additional information about RiME, including gameplay and platform availability details, will be unveiled at the beginning of 2017, as Grey Box, Six Foot and Tequila Works ready the title for release later that year."
     This cel-shaded adventure appears to be something well worth following.

     This is going to make a lot of people very happy.  Others might be kicking themselves as not only did Sony break away, but Microsoft had initially passed on the game as well.

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