Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Trailer & Quick Thoughts

     The official trailer has dropped and it looks great.  We are getting the already known new weapons, armor, spells, a new area, new enemies, and a whole area devoted specifically to PvP called the "Immortal Competition."  But now we get to see so many more clues!

     The name Ariandel is immediately reminiscent of The Painted World of Ariamis.  It's another snow based area, and even has someone reaching out to touch something that appears very like the familiar looking painting itself at the 55 second mark.  Another notable thing is that some characters that to be covered in feather like capes- that being related to Velka.  Which makes me wonder is the self-flagellating character that is seen multiple time (best shot at 2:12) Velka herself?

     I think we also get a cool shot of someone using a Lordvessel as a weapon as well.  At 2:17 an enemy is crushing a player with it, and dumping lava out on them.  That is tremendously awesome.

     Overall, I'm wondering if- as FromSoftware is known to do- this takes place in another time.  I can't really say yet, but I would guess that this takes place prior to Dark Souls 3- as a still shot looks like what could possibly be a young Ludleth of Courland.  But then, it could always be someone we've never met.  At the 35 second mark there is another, presumably, Firekeeper.  Is it possibly one we already know- perhaps from the Untended Graves?  And/or the Shrine Handmaiden?
     If this is in another time- we've never met gods like Flann, Gwynnavere, Caitha and so on- so what if this is a DLC to show where all the (or some of them at least) have gone to when they abandoned Anor Londo.

     On to the PvP stuff.  We honestly don't get much in the way of info for it other than being assured there will be a dedicated area for some sweet Dark Souls fight clubs.  Personally, I'm not good in that fashion but will give it a shot anyways.  Hopefully FromSoft will fix a lot of the annoyances with the system as well.  Like, as much as I hate being invaded- they SHOULD still allow for invasions/summons after a boss is defeated in the area.  It offers more replayability for people, and increases the fun (and frustration).

     Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel arrives on October 25th.

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