Link Twin: Short Review (Developer Lorraine's Unique "Games for Samsung" Puzzler)

     Through Samsung's new "Games for Samsung" program, they've recently released the first of its titles called Link Twin from a developer called Lorraine.

     The game is another in a line of artfully minimalistic puzzle solvers very reminiscent of similar games like Monument Valley and Ghosts of Memories and its DLC (Epilogue: Elysium & Purgatory).  Link Twin does something a bit different- the thing that sets it apart here- is that the core game mechanic is that it forces you to maneuver both twins simultaneously.  Every time you swipe in a direction both twins move that way.  Each twin also has their own goal, but they each have to land on their own goal at the same time.

     Players mush plan far enough in advance in order to make use of obstacles to help set the twins up to avoid pitfalls, hit switches, and eventually make it to the end goals.  It sounds extremely easy, and it is, at least at first.  The beginning 20 levels are quite elementary, and are good at giving you the most basic puzzle mechanics for the more devious puzzles later in the game.  After that the difficulty ramps up very swiftly, to the point where I was having to carefully plan nearly a dozen moves in advance.  To be fair though, they did add a nice feature allowing players to "turn back time" and lets you slide back through previous moves if they didn't work out the way you wanted or led to dead ends.

     Despite the deceptively cute art style, the game starts as simple as can be, and gradually increases into some really tough brain teasers.  There's a lot of cleverness and consideration in the way all the levels have been created leading to a truly great gaming experience.  It has clean art, soothing music, an ingenious game mechanic, and a whole lot of fun challenge in the later levels all wrapped up with an endearing story.  Link Twin is definitely a game specifically designed for puzzle enthusiasts and handled with deft care.  It's a game I'd highly recommend.

     If this is any indication of what the "Games for Samsung" program has got in store for us, we Android users are finally be getting some brilliant works soon.

     Link Twin is currently exclusive for Galaxy devices now through the Galaxy App Store (only in Canada, the USA, or  Romania currently), but will be coming to both iOS and other Android devices in October.

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