Ghosts of Memories: Epilogue DLC: Elysium & Purgatory: Review

     I was quite impressed with Paplus International's Ghosts of Memories when it came out last fall, and I was genuinely surprised that it just got a free DLC expansion pack.  The initial game is a beautiful isometric puzzle game much like Monument Valley or Hitman GO, with a protagonist looking to solve a mystery between two ancient worlds.  The additional content is every bit as enchanting as the original game.

     In the "Epilogue" expansion players return as the traveler with a magical scepter to continue their journey past the original storyline's ending.  The arcane architecture we must roam is now between two completely new worlds- the heavenly blue-skied Elysium, and its polar opposite realm, the mist-enshrouded and under-worldly Purgatory.  Players are tasked with thwarting a being called "The Great Evil" from taking over and ruling the Universe.

     In terms of content it comes out to 6 new chapters of material to solve each split between the light and dark realms.  The puzzles themselves are more challenging than the main game's and they've gone a step further and added new mechanics to make them even trickier.  Some involve using (or avoiding) the fires of Purgatory to reveal new pathways, some are neat image sliding puzzles to make a specific glyph, and some involve calling on old, robot-like golems to activate pressure plates.

     After playing through these new levels, I have to say I was distinctly drawn in to the mythology of the world they've built.  It was a very welcome return.  I like the mystery of trying to call on old gods and trying to stop an ancient evil threatening the world.  The puzzles offer much more challenge, but not enough to frustrate, and each step once again unlocks a small bit more of the story itself.
     The only issue I can really think of is that some of the puzzles have no clear signs on what you need to do, and it results in some trial and error work to get things done.  It isn't anything terrible, and might be confusing for some, but then- what good puzzle game doesn't  do that?

     The voice work, sound effects, and music are all once more a sublime effort- helping make the world feel real.  The large stone blocks you manipulate around the environment sound weighty, giving the grinding of stone on stone.  Elysium sounds every bit like the serenity one would imagine a heaven would contain, with light and flowing music creating an airy sense of tranquility in long dormant temples, and the smokey fires of Purgatory crackle with grim purpose, dark and foreboding.  The dichotomy is purposeful and compelling- creating a fantastic atmosphere for each realm.

     Paplus has generated just a little more of their captivating multi-dimensional worlds of Ghosts of Memories and my biggest complaint is only that there isn't more of it.  Maybe much larger maps with checkpoints, more beings wandering, and much more story.  I would really like to see more of these worlds and what Paplus can do with them.  That's the miracle of working with a game taking place in multiple dimensions, it opens the path to infinite possibility.

     Ghosts of Memories is $2.99 on Google Play, the Apple Store, or via Amazon's App Store.
          The "Epilogue" DLC is Free.

     Also- Paplus International has released the soundtrack for free [ HERE ]

*Ghosts of Memories: Epilogue DLC review copy provided by Paplus, Thank you!

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