Dead Island: Retro Revenge Trailer & Thoughts

     There's a few of us looking to relive days of fun in the sun alongside a horde of beach-bodied zombies again when the Dead Island: Definitive Collection releases later this month.  As a pre-order bonus a small additional game has been made, Dead Island: Retro Revenge.  Honestly, it looks like an unimpressive endless runner/brawler combo game.  The runner portion is something I hate.  The brawler side of it though may keep me ever-so-slightly interested.

     The trailer for Retro Revenge looks funny and a bit entertaining, but I've got to say, I really, REALLY hate runner games.  I wonder why they didn't just make a traditional, old school side-scrolling beat 'em up like Streets of Rage 2 or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.  To me it seems like a cheap little tie in to the larger series instead a small stand alone title as a bonus.  It's a disappointment because Dead Island: Epidemic was amazing before being shut down, and Escape Dead Island had immense potential, but lacked the proper execution.  As a hardcore Dead Island fan, I'll still give it a try, who knows, I may actually enjoy playing Retro Revenge.

     It'll be great to be able to go back to the lush island paradise of the Banoi archipelago with 3 other players while awaiting more news of the long-delayed sequel Dead Island 2.

     Dead Island: Definitive Collection releases on May 31 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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