X-Men: Apocalypse: Psylocke "Power Piece" Video & Thoughts

     With each new TV Spot and Featurette, I am actually getting more and more worried about the state of X-Men: Apocalypse.  I mentioned it previously, a couple times really, but it's becoming more evident that the film is looking less than spectacular.  Bryan Singer has never been a top tier director, and it seems like he's repeating the problems from X-Men 1 and 2.

     Psylocke's fight scenes from the first trailer looked kind of bland and poorly shot, and her newest "Power Piece" video actually makes things even worse.  Seriously, it looks like something off of daytime soap operas instead of the level of quality we'd expect from a major motion picture.  The shots look too campy and cheesey- most notably the one on top of the Blackbird jet and her slide down the building.  The shots visually look wrong.  The motion is off, and her hair isn't whipping nearly enough.  This looks like something from the Heroes tv show from 10 years ago, and not even from the good season one.
     Mind you this comes from a huge Psylocke fan.  In fact, I would appreciate seeing her in either her newer X-Force suit, or in the Lady Mandarin armor.  Those could be absolutely badass on film.  I mean, Munn hasn't been the greatest actress, but I've seen her in a few more roles recently and have an improved opinion of her potential.  I'm just worried about Bryan Singer's handling of things here.

     The same goes for Angel/Archangel's wings.  The look is wrong and it pulls the viewer out of a suspension of disbelief because it appears unnatural.  Each time Angel/Archangel flies it looks "off" and it's super distracting.  Same exact thing with the Quicksilver running scene from the trailers- his arms aren't pumping and it looks really strange- think about the last time you saw someone run- their arms are ALWAYS pumping- it's a physical occurrence that happens.  How wrong would a video appear if you saw a car driving, but the wheels weren't actually turning?  Just staying in place while the vehicle moves forwards.  It would look incorrect and it registers in a person's mind as such.
     Because of these things, this film looks cheap.  And to compound this issue, there's no atmosphere.  Nothing to really fill out the world and it makes the movie feel empty.  All Marvel's films have the look of a full world, with people, and things reacting in the background creating a visual depth.  Even if the battle scenes from the trailers are in a destroyed place, where's the bodies?  Where's all the cars and trees?

     This might turn out to be far less grand of a movie than X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I really wish they'd let someone else take the reigns.  Same thing I've been saying about the Wolverine franchise.  Give it to the creators that can handle it properly, like FOX did with Deadpool.  With the right material and the right cast it turned out unbelievably well.  Think of what Brad Bird might be able to do with the X-Men.  His Incredibles was great, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol were both amazingly well done.

     I mean, really, it could still turn out to be a great film, it's just my expectations are being lowered from these little things.  Fox has just been getting back on track with the X-Men films and this might be a step backwards, so here's me crossing my fingers that it'll be much better than I am currently anticipating.

     X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters May 27th.

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