Terminator 2 Mobile MMORPG on the Way from Developer NetEase...

...But, sadly, it may not make it out of China and to western audiences.

     According to the video's description Terminator 2 is a "new sandbox post-apocalyptic mobile MMORPG that blends role playing, shooting, racing and action gameplay together."  It looks pretty decent.  Well, at least as fun as Terminator Genisys: Revolution.  Especially if it is actually a 3rd person shooter and not a mostly rail shooter with 3rd person elements.

     Terminator 2, formerly known as Project: The Wild, is being created with a "self-developed engine called NeoX and is meant to blend amazing graphics with a great storyline into one large cinematically-based, immersive world.

     No launch dates have been given yet.  I'm crossing my fingers that this'll make it's way over here for all of us western mobile gamers.

     Official site [ Terminator 2 MMORPG ]

     Source [ 2p ]

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