[ UPDATE ] The Elder Scrolls TRAVELS: Oblivion: A PSP Title That Could've Been

[ UPDATE ] The videos have been taken down due to a ZeniMax Media copyright claim.

     Way back when an Elder Scrolls game had been announced for the Sony PSP.  A portable spin-off game that had vanished without a trace.  No official word, no explanations, nothing.  It was just gone, just like my wallet after a pack of Khajiit thieves guild members have walked by.

     Now, courtesy of PtoPOnline, we get the first actual videos of the in game footage that might have been.  Think of what could have become a brilliant mobile game- The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion.  It was supposed to follow the plot of Oblivion with over 180 quests.  Limitations of the mobile system would've been a bit of a pain, but it would've made great sales.

     In 2013, I had suggested that the failing PS Vita sales be boosted with some decent games, and I quote, "Hell, new and compact versions of an Elder Scrolls or Fallout could go a long way to boost sales."  It could've been used to bolster waning interest, but alas it was not.

     Dear Sony, it isn't too late for the Vita... make a deal.

     Dear Bethesda, think of what you could do with a mobile Elder Scrolls now.  Look at awesome mobile games like Aralon: Sword and ShadowRavensword: Shadowlands, or The Shadow Sun.  There's a lot of mobile shadow-related games apparently.  A game of this caliber can still be done and not be limited to a single platform like the PSP or Vita.  A mobile Elder Scrolls game would easily sell roughly a bazillion copies and likely break some records.  Please tell me your E3 conference this year will have a new Elder Scrolls game complete with a mobile tie-in.

     Source [ PtoPOnline ] via [ Pocket Gamer ]

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