Playstation Vita: How to Fix the PS Vita's Sales Problem

     I see Sony has a 3 part plan for the problems the PS Vita is suffering...
          ...and I see that they are horribly misunderstanding it's difficulties.
     It might be of note to mention that I've made no efforts to hide how much I love the Vita in previous blog posts, it knocks the 3DS out of the park as a gaming system.  Honestly, it's a tremendous piece of hardware, and the lagging sales could be fixed in a fairly simple manner.

     The issues with the Vita are quite easy to spot-

  1. COST!  The cost of the system, and the proprietary memory cards, is absurd.  
  2. Games.  Games.  GAMES!  More games.  More exclusivity and original games.
  3. Stop pushing the remote play.  We bought a portable system to play it PORTABLY, not to be tethered to a console (I'm looking at you Wii U).  It's a feature, not a selling point.

     Sony is making a bit of headway though, with the announcement of a more cost effective Vita (large price drop) and a slew of indie games.  But if they really want to compete with Nintendo in the handheld systems department- give us things we want.  

     What do we want?

     We want more games.  Everyone that already owns a Vita will tell you the same exact thing- MORE GAMES.  I bought a Vita quite a while back and my only complaint is the game selection.  Sure I've got about a dozen games I really like on it, but where are all the heavy hitters?  The kind that rival Nintendo with the Zelda series.  More games like the exclusive Assassin's Creed: Liberation, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Gravity Rush.  All three of these were amazing games, and players would like more of them.
     We want exclusive games.  Good freakin' lord- can you imagine what a new game that takes place in the world of The Last of Us could do on this system?  A NEW version of Dark Souls, a NEW Borderlands or a NEW Bioshock would cement this portable gaming system as THE system to have. 
     Note that I specifically say "NEW" versions- we don't want more ports of console titles we already own.  We want portable experiences that the other companies and consoles cannot provide.  Less ports and more originals.  Real Triple-A titles that we can play on the go.  Sony, you have an immense potential with the Vita, so why aren't you using it? 

     Hell, new and compact versions of an Elder Scrolls or Fallout could go a long way to boost sales.  Killzone: Mercenary was a great start to the portable first person experience, but we want to see what the Vita is truly capable of.  

     Maybe, if Sony wants to sell some Vitas really, really badly- they could just make The Last Guardian a Vita exclusive.

     How many would get a Vita if it showed off better exclusive games with tons of creative ingenuity?  Make more games for kids and females.  Seriously, just the females portion of the gaming market has to be like a bajillion extra buyers.  Focus on creating games that appeal to their tastes.   And as for the kids- if they could release a Pokemon or Monster Hunter type game?  Instant profits.

     As much as it pains me to say this, there needs to be more grinding JRPGs for the Vita.  Many gamers are clamoring for it- why not listen to the consumers Sony?

     And while we're at it how about a screen capture?  

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