Misfits: First 2 Episodes of the Final (5th) Season

     I realized I haven't actually written anything on the Misfits series yet, and well, now's the perfect time.  With the first 2 episodes of season 5 now available and only 6 left- I better get going.

Alex seems to be missing a shadow...

     I remembered seeing Hulu ads for this show years back and thought it looked very interesting, but... I completely forgot about it.  Then about a year ago I saw another ad for it and gave it a try and have been hooked.
     Misfits seems to be the UK version of Heroes, and it is handled fairly well.  The whole first season was damn good, not perfect by any means, but had immense potential and made the most of it.  A great variety of characters and powers coming in each episode and the struggles of these community service kids dealing with life and it's now extra-ordinary problems coming their way.  Such as their probation worker's mortality rates- that is a huge, and hilarious, issue.

     I don't think the series has done quite as well after season 2, once Nathan left- it hasn't hit the high notes nearly as well, but it has kept good momentum no less.  The Nathan-esque replacement, Rudy, is damn entertaining and one hell of an actor to top it off.
     Since season 2 all of the original cast has left and now we are with an entirely new crew and a somehow- -still-alive-after-8-episodes probation worker.

     Here's desrciption of the new season from E4 on season 5:
The new series marks the first anniversary of the storm and a support group forms on the estate for those people who find having a super power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Like… the ability to knit visions of the future, or to shag unwanted powers out of other people (you read that right) or to transform into a turtle. And as Dark Rudy likes to talk-slash-moan, it should come as no surprise that he is the first of our gang to start attending. And it’s here that he sees a very different future facing the team - one which could change things forever. 
Strap on those ankle tags, because this is what you’ve been waiting for. Our guys are going to have to up their game if they’re going to tackle some real life A-grade super-powered vigilantes.

     I'll probably be watching the 2 episodes tonight, and I'm really curious to see if they bring Nathan back for this last season.  And see how long the current probation officer will last.

     In other Misfits news/thoughts- there have been rumors of the show getting a US remake.  Please, let the powers that be NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!  How frequently do remade shows here work?  Other than The Office, I can't think of a single UK TV property handled better here.  American TV tends to ruin shows like Being Human, and until they learn how to properly handle these shows, they need to be cut off.

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