Tiny Death Star Shenanigans!

     Despite Disney relegating LucasArts to licensing, some games are arriving that are still worth your time.  This first game since the shutdown is through NimbleBit, plastering a Star Wars covering over their Tiny Tower and calling it Tiny Death Star.

Now witness the buying power of this fully STAFFED and OPERATIONAL shopping station! 

     Because it is Star Wars related I gave this a go the first day it came out and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Creating a multistory mall and apartment complex inside the Dark Side of the Force's Ultimate weapon wasn't something that really appealed to my inner gamer, but I had to play this because the little characters were so adorable.  Finding dream jobs for workers or creating a new secret level for Stormtroopers to impose their cute interrogation techniques on Rebel Scum, it's all worth a playing when you have a bit of free time.  The Star Wars theme elevator music adds a layer of hilarity I never thought I'd hear.  Then I promptly forgot about the game.

     Now to the good stuff.  After being true to the Dark Side, I used my Sith Lord powers to neglect the entire Tiny Death Star for almost 3 weeks.  When I returned I wasn't berated by Emperor Palpatine, merely questioned as to where I was.  And somehow, while most the shops had closed down, I managed to rake in quite a lot of credits, as well as 10 Imperial Bux.  I honestly thought I would return to a bunch of  itty bitty dead bodies in a moon-sized can.
     Clearly I was out Lording my Sith over those silly Ewoks down on Endor.  Alas, much to my surprise, a small infestation of them had moved into my Duct Repair level.  Seriously?!?  How did they get here before me?  They have ZERO technology!  There also happen to be a bunch of Jawas taking over Toydarian Toys.  Not cool Jawas, not cool.

Oh, I'm afraid the deflector SALES will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

     Management simulators like Tiny Death Star really aren't my thing, but as a free to play mobile game, this is pretty close to getting me hooked- as close as anything like it has gotten at least.  The game provides little in the way of action, but seeing a lil' Lando hanging out with an Indiana Jones look-a-like in the Holochess Hall makes me smile.  It also makes me wonder what other great games may be on the horizon of the Force...

     One last thing of note- I have yet to see any microscopically tiny Midichlorians, and we can all be thankful for that.

If you SHRINK me down, I shall become more ADORABLE than you can imagine!

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