Naughty Dog: The Last of Us DLC: Left Behind Teaser Trailer

     Naughty Dog has finally given us a small teaser as to what the single player campaign add on to The Last of Us will be.  The DLC titled "Left Behind" will give players a chance to experience something Ellie mentioned to Joel in the main game- her back story about losing her best friend Riley.

     While we already know how it ends (from the main game), this choice for the DLC intrigues me as to how it'll occur.  I've heard it said plenty of times that it's the journey, not the destination- and Naughty Dog in particular has been a company that focused on the experience of a character's journey, and will no doubt nail this down well.
     It is interesting that they didn't just tell someone else's story, happening in another place.  Something like a group of people, or a singular person, crossing paths with another character we've seen- but on their own journey.  Such as another survivor coming into contact with the cannibals, or someone that might have been through a place that Joel and Ellie had been, but just missed them.

Source [ Playstation Blog ]

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