Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: My Favorite Background Piece

     With a flood of commercials now appearing for Anchorman 2, I figure I should post something about the first movie.  I'll keep this one super short.
     Ever since seeing it in the theater, my favorite background item is during Ron Burgundy's "Glass case of emotion" scene.  Brian has on his desk a simple unsolved 2 X 2 Rubik's Cube sitting on his desk.  Such a wonderful tell of character sitting right there for everyone to see.

     I may even write up a post on the absurd Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie- a film comprised solely of footage that was not used in the main film.  It is pretty amazing that they had that much extra material and subplots that a whole extra movie could be made.  Although I can see why most of the footage was scrapped- there's only one really good scene in it- Brick is eating a "falafel hot dog with cinnamon and bacon" he got out of the "food basket at the end of the line."  But since they don't exist, Ron tells him it's just a used coffee filter with cigarette butts, and Brian tells him the food basket is just a garbage can.  Brick simply laughs and continues eating it.
     All right, so this lasted longer than I thought it would.

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