Marvel Future Fight: All New, All Different New Year Update Trailer & Thoughts

     I didn't think it was possible, but with every update Netmarble Games has somehow made Marvel Future Fight an even better game than the last one.  The newest update arrived yesterday and brought us a cleaned up main screen and menu system, a slew of new costumes, and a whole lot more fun.

     Seriously, this is the only mobile game that I make daily visits to, and continually toss a few bucks into for cosmetic things like new costumes.  As long as their updates maintain being this great, I'll be more than happy to continue to support them.  If my readers here haven't given it a try, it's a free to play game that I would instantly recommend to fans of either action games or of Marvel properties.  It makes me a bit sad that there aren't any X-men related characters, more than likely due to licensing quibbles between studios- Marvel's stranglehold on eliminating the support for those things they can't make ALL the money off of- but otherwise, Future Fight's roster is huge, and the game play is top notch for a mobile title.  Hopefully I can crank out some let's play type videos with this game soon.

     On a side note: we are about 3 months from the one year anniversary of the game and I can't wait to see what surprises they bring.  I'm crossing my fingers for characters like Squirrel Girl or maybe a Doctor Strange from the upcoming film, as there are already a lot of television and movie tie-in costumes.

     Here's the link to the [ Official Patch Notes ]

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