Deadpool Movie: Colossus GIF

     Since I can't write much tonight and it's been a few days since my last post, and because I've returned to my favorite Marvel Heroes 2015 game character, Colossus, I decided to make a small GIF of him from the trailer for the highly anticipated Deadpool film, in which Fox actually appears to have listened to what the fans want to see.

     Not only are they nailing Deadpool's character, it seems they've gotten most of them spot-on, from Colossus to Weasel and so on.  Even the entire marketing campaign is genius- the Valentine's Day poster that makes it look like a romantic dramedy, the absurd and hilarious emoticon billboards that a bunch of people apparently didn't get at first, and the wonderful trailers are all perfectly tailored to this character.  Fox is finally getting it right.

     Now we have to see if they can help Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine film be one worth seeing, I've bitched here on numerous occasions that they need to lose the kiddie gloves, and prove that he is the "best at what he does."  And it isn't angst-ridden moping, it's bloody wetwork that no one else can do.  We want to see that, and Deadpool is the starting point for these films to finally grow up and reach a bigger and better demographic.

     Deadpool hits theaters February 12th.

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