Wayward Souls: Getting a MASSIVE Update!

     While we wait for the release of Rocketcat Games' upcoming Death Road to Canada, they've announced massive updates to Five Card Quest and Wayward Souls.  As Wayward Souls is one of the best games out there, the update will give it another amazing boost and hopefully revitalize all of us players.  They've submitted the update and are just waiting for Apple's approval for a mid-to-late January release (pending approval).

     Wayward Souls update:
"New pet system! You have a 15% chance per floor of finding one of 29 different pets. 
Most provide different stat bonuses, but some can even attack. 
Testing out a new animation system using the pets. If it goes well, we're going to expand all the animations for the mobile versions so everything's animation is smoother with more frames. 
Tweaks and fixes. 
Some new rare content added."
     The pets will allow for special abilities and boosts, such as adding to critical hit chances, finding more coins, or even assisting by attacking enemies.  As for the kinds of pets we'll be getting, Kepa Auwae has posted some useful information on the official Touch Arcade forums about them and the tiers you can find them in by rarity:
Tier 1 (first pet you find is always from tier 1) - Wyren Pup, Auburn Piglet, Fenner Cat, Amber Slug, Cave Newt, Fairy, Brown Rat, Little Ghost 
Tier 2 - Slime Spawn, Dustpup, Black Cat, White Rooster, Sprite, Golden Hog, Fire Salamander, Sparkling Fairy, Albino Rat, Bogslug, Bloodsoul, Mine bat, Silken Spider, Cave Crab
Tier 3 (super rare) - Gnomey, RocketCat, Demonskull, Sonic the Hedgehog, Duck, Chatterpile, Tiny Eye
     In addition to the awesome pets and animation update, we'll also be getting a new character update a bit later alongside of the PC release.  The Paladin (the character you play in the prologue), who is so overpowered compared to the others, he'll be getting his own game mode to play in.  That update will be large enough to warrant a price hike to the game, so if you haven't already bought it, you might want to do so quickly.

     Update: I emailed Rocketcat and they've responded that the updates will be coming to Android devices as well.

     Sources [ Rocketcat Facebook ] [ Touch Arcade ]

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