TMNT: Platinum Games' Mutants in Manhattan: Achievement List

     There's a ton of leaked info for the upcoming, and still officially unannounced Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMutants in Manhattan by Platinum Games coming out in rapid succession.  First there was the initial leak, then the cover art, now we get an entire achievement list!

     What is so huge about this leaked achievements list, is it gives a monstrous amount of potential spoilers, and more important- hints as to what the game actually will be like.  I won't post the list in case you readers want to avoid spoilers, so click either the link above or the source link below to read them if you like.

     To be frank, the list is super exciting as there's online multiplayer (with things that might be PvP team-based modes), 3 story mode difficulties, boss battles, secret bosses, actual stealth mechanics, and what sounds very much like a proper open world city area for us to roam and fight in.  There is so much potential here and it sounds amazing.  The TMNT have needed a revitalization in video game form for years, and it's great to see we may finally be getting it.

     If Platinum Games' work on Transformers: Devastation is any indication of what their Turtles game could be like, it looks to be a very bright future for our green brothers.

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     Sources [ XBOX Achievements ] via [ Lifelower ]

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