Marvel Future Fight: Update: Hyperion & Doctor Strange: Quick Thoughts

     The always outstanding mobile game Marvel Future Fight just got another update with a new playable character and a bunch of new costumes.  Once again, the menus got changed, for the better, and a slew of other little alterations and such.

     What I wonder is why after their last big update teaser from two weeks ago showed Thanos and had a big Doctor Strange teaser at the end, why didn't they didn't add him?  They instead went with Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme.  More so, why go with Hyperion and not the Sentry, whose powers would offer some potentially amazing light versus dark flip-flopping with his dark alter ego the Void.  Think of how cool it would be if his 6 star power completely changed him to a dark version with different powers!  That could be absolutely amazing.

     Anyways, Strange was datamined, along with the Enchantress, a long time ago, almost a year ago if I recall correctly.  I figure they are just teasing him and withholding until around the time the film hits theaters in November.  An annoyance for sure, especially with Future Fight's blatant tease two weeks ago.

     I'm not really interested in many of the new costumes, except Yondu's, and Hyperion really isn't a character I care to play- but I have to say the game changes are holding up well.  Hopefully we'll keep getting more costumes and characters to round out the roster.  Perhaps some more of the Squadron Supreme...

     And maybe we'll get Doctor Strange sooner than November.

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