Captain Marvel: This Sideshow Collectibles Statue of Carol Danvers is Flerkin Amazing

     While I still have some qualms about Brie Larson apparently landing the role of Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers, this Sideshow Collectibles statue has me still behind the character 100% regardless of who is playing her.  I'm still a bit disappointed she won't be making a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 either.

     This first pic is the Sideshow exclusive helmeted version.  I mean they're both really awesome looking, but if I had $500 to spare I'd totally want the helmet with sweet mohawk.  The scale is nearly two feet tall and a decent 12 lbs.  Glorious.

     Personally I was hoping for Charlize Theron.  She's a bit older and still powerful as hell.  She's talented and could pull off a military role and make it work so well, but Marvel's probably going to go with the young actors and actresses for the next wave of their cinematic universe.
     I think some of the Sideshow people might have wanted Theron as well, especially if you see these two pics.  The bear a fairly striking resemblance to her...

     For more pictures swing by [ Sideshow Collectibles ]

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