Ghost of a Tale: Early Access Play Might be Available Soon-ish

     Ghost of a Tale creator Lionel "Seith" Gallat has posted an update today on the official website that if the closed beta goes well, we might be able to play an early access version of the game in "not too long" a time in the future.  It's been a long three years of development, and you can tell the game has come much farther than expected because it looks absolutely stunning.

     Ghost of a Tale is about a small minstrel mouse named Tilo on Periclave Island.  Rumors are that the island is haunted and there is a tower that holds some wonderous treasure, but there is great danger surrounding the path Tilo looks to travel.  It's up to the player to piece together what has happened on the island and find why there are undead rats roaming the land on the way to obtaining the treasure.

     I had first come across Ghost of a Tale from a Gamasutra article, and shortly thereafter from an Analog Addiction article [ EDIT: It was actually this AA Article ], and decided to periodically keep checking in on it.  With each new tidbit of information the game looks better and better.  What else would I expect from a game that takes it's inspiration from 3 of my favorite games ever- The Legend of Zelda, ICO, and Dark Souls.

     Plus, it takes an anthropomorphic approach, bringing up memories of a childhood favorite book of mine, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.  The film version was also amazing and called The Secret of NIMH.  Regardless, this is a game I'd highly recommend looking into supporting.  Seriously, it has come so, so far from the Alpha trailer 3 years ago, and the Gamescom trailer from 2 years ago.

     Official site [ Ghost of a Tale ]

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