The First Robocop Reboot Trailer is Finally Out...

     ...and it doesn't look too bad.  Much better than I was expecting, in fact.  I like how there seems to come in more than one color, or perhaps the armor can camouflage on command.  It looks good either way. 
     The voice modulator is a nice touch and there are plenty of nods to the original film here.  Plenty of good cast members- this could be a fair hit next February.  And that's coming from someone that is generally against all the damn remakes Hollywood repeatedly insists on subjecting us to.

     After the last pictures I saw, the new suit's design is actually pretty decent.  It seems much better than the illustrated versions previously shown.  I want to also point out what appears to be the new OCP ED-209 looks pretty damn good as well.  This is a film I will be attending for sure.  As sure as that still-human hand of Robocop's will be getting severely damaged during the movie.
Looks like OCP's New ED 209

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