Dark Souls 2: Collector's Edition Meme: Shut Up and Take My Money (Souls)!

     This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition and the Black Armor edition.  So after giggling like an idiot all day at work- here's a little Dark Souls meme I whipped up for whoever happens to stumble by here.  Hopefully you read it with the sound of using a soul from in the game.

     It seems fitting that I would pay for it with souls and it's more than likely something that "Trusty" Patches the Hyena would sell to me after kicking me into a hole.
     Well, enjoy.  I'll have some comments on the PVP and Co-op announcements tomorrow.  As well as another fairly funny picture I thought of to go along with the Souls series.

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